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About our products


We’re a small nursery but we try to pack a lot in! We can have anything up to 60 species on the go during the summer, but that means we may not have many of each and almost all are seasonal.

That’s why we don’t offer plant sales through the website at the moment. But if you spot that perfect plant for the border or herb garden in our listings, send us an email, we may well be able to supply it. Most plants come in 9cm pots but we may also have larger specimens.

Herb bouquets

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Soaps, creams, bath salts

Our soaps are made using a blend of plant oils, including Welland Valley Rapeseed Oil from Leicestershire. We use natural colourings, such as annatto seed and rosehip powder, essential oils and dried herbs. We DO NOT use palm oil.

None of our products or ingredients is tested on animals. All of our products (except lip balms, which contain beeswax) are suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

Our soaps come in bars of approx 100g (they are hand-cut so the actual weight can vary slightly).

Weddings/your brand

We can supply soaps, creams, lip balms and bath salts in sizes to suit you and packed as you want them – your name, date, logo or product information.

wedding sample

business sample

Postal charges

For soaps and cosmetic products, the following charges apply. All items are dispatched by Royal Mail. Please indicate when paying via Paypal if you have any special requirements.

Orders up to £20 – postage £2.50
Orders £20 to £30 – postage £5
Orders £30 to £50 – postage £7.50
Orders over £50 – free postage