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Traditional plants

  • Thyme


    Essential herb for any garden or windowsill.

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  • Agrimony


    Attractive wildflower with a spike of yellow flowers that is good for warding off the Devil!

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  • Echinacea

    Large, daisy-like flower with reputed medicinal value

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  • Angelica


    Tall biennial beloved by bees and a fabulous culinary and medicinal herb

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  • Cardoon


    Tall, sculptural thistle-like perennial vegetable.

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  • Balm of Gilead

    Balm of Gilead

    Pale pink flowers but what makes this a stunner is the beautiful aromatic leaves.

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  • Bergamot


    Fabulous flower, great taste in tea - just watch out for the bees that will be flocking to it.

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  • Betony


    Low-growing, shade-loving native with purple flowers and an ancient reputation as a cure for all ills.

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  • Chervil

    Delicately flavoured annual herb that can be grown all year round.

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  • Meadowsweet


    Hedgerow and riverside favourite with a cloud of frothy white flowers

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