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Do I need to change my skincare routine in winter?


Biting winds, plummeting temperatures, putting the central heating on – all sure signs that autumn is here. If you are noticing these changes, then you can be sure your skin is too.

Your skin behaves differently in different conditions, and falling temperatures, less sunlight (and less stronger sunlight, if you’re in the UK) will have an impact. And now is the perfect time to revamp your skincare routine now, before we really get into the swing of winter.

Herbs can help enormously in helping you to lock in moisture, soothe reddened patches and protect your skin. Here’s 3 easy ways that you can ensure your skin gets a winter glow:

Switch your lotion for thicker moisturiser and an oil If you’re not tried facial oils yet, give them a go! Unlike a thin lotion, when you apply a facial oil (patted onto damp skin) they don’t just sit on the skin’s surface. Oils soften the skin, and contain skin food in the form of nutrients like wrinkle-fighting Vitamin A. Our favourite is rosehip oil (it’s naturally orange but don’t worry, you will not look like you have been bathing in Tango). A thicker moisturiser is a must in winter. Look for ingredients hyaluronic acid and glycerine, which attach water to your skin cells, making sure that your skin stays plump and hydrated. Herbs to look out for: Chamomile and Aloe Vera – used to soothe red patches caused by the cold wintry weather.

Exfoliation is your friend Scrubbing your skin might not sound the best idea, but you’re not going at it like sandpaper on a furniture restoration project. Think gentle, hardly-there exfoliation – look for products that have ingredients like raspberry seeds, powdered nettle, or other natural goodies that are kind to your skin. It also stimulates the body to produce more natural oils. Exfoliation is best done in the evening, because your skin cell regeneration faster while you sleep. You are looking to remove the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin, which stop your moisturisers and oils from working properly and getting to work locking in moisture. Natural ingredients to look for: raspberry seeds, powdered nettle, oatmeal

Cool Your Morning Shower Picture the scene: It’s still dark outside, you can tell it’s cold because your nose is an icicle and you really, really, don’t want to get out of bed. Your alarm is going off in five minutes. Only the idea of a hot shower is enough to tempt you out – but did you know that a steaming hot shower could actually be drying for your skin?
It might sound counterintuitive, but the water could dry out your skin if it’s too hot, by stripping away the body’s natural oils that would normally help lock in moisture. If your skin goes red after your get out of the shower, it’s drying out. One Herbs to help: Get some aromatherapy into your shower – a couple of drops of neroli, mint or lime will smell amazing. Mix oatmeal with lavender and put into a washcloth – oats are incredibly good for cleaning and softening. It’s anti inflammatory and soothes irritated skin, which can be a problem in winter. Colloidal oatmeal is best, but you can blitz organic oats in a coffee grinder for much the same effect.


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