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An Apothecary's Advent: Day 6


An Apothecary's Advent: Day 6

Rosemary is a herb you’ll have with you all year round. It’s delicious to eat, smells amazing and is hardy as anything. In medieval times people used it as a strewing herb – basically a herbal carpet – and as they walked on it, the scent would fill the home. A symbol of remembrance, rosemary leaves were also a traditional part of the bridal bouquet meaning fidelity and love. More recently, researchers found that students revising for exams were able to concentrate better when they smelled rosemary. It’s a very easy to grow plant, and thrives on stony soils

HOW TO USE IT: Fantastic with roast potatoes, lamb, adding to homemade bread and biscuits. Rosemary tea helps you digest a heavy meal (keep in mind for Christmas, then!) and you can add drops of the essential oil to a diffuser or oil burner to help keep you focused and alert. You can add the needle-like leaves to baths and facial steams as a relaxing treat.


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