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An Apothecary's Advent: Day 19


An Apothecary's Advent: Day 19

some lemon balm. Pop it in a pot (if it’s one you can decorate so much the better) and put it on your desk. Lots of plants will help you add nature to the office, but we love lemon balm because it’s tough as old boots, will tolerate shade and smells amazing. Essential oil distilled from lemon balm leaves is used by aromatherapists to lift mood and make you more focused and positive. Academic studies have shown that second to actually working outdoors, having plants nearby can help improve productivity, boost positivity and bust stress. Plants help cut down on indoor pollution and naturally cool the air too. As the water evaporates from their leaves, it alters the humidity level of the room, making it a more comfortable, welcoming environment. So go and get some lemon balm and have it on your desk. Oh, and you can make a stress-busting tea with lemon balm leaves, too!


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