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An Apothecary's Advent: Day 21


An Apothecary's Advent: Day 21

Happy Yule! Today is the winter solstice, when the nights start to draw out again. Peppermint and misteltoe are the herbs of yule, and here’s five of the health benefits of peppermint which you might not know about.

Stress levels: Peppermint contains menthol, which is a natural muscle relaxant, helping you fight anxiety. Studies have shown it can lower blood pressure and body temperature

Energy booster: One sniff of warming peppermint tea is rejuvenating and energising. It has been shown to make people more focused and alert, making it a perfect pick me up

Coughs and colds: ‘Tis the season to be sniffly – but menthol can help in more ways than one. It acts as an expectorant to relive coughs, calms inflamed sore throats and can thin mucus in chesty coughs.

Skin soothing: You don’t only have to drink peppermint tea. Pour some in a bath, or in a foot bath, and soak away. It helps to soothe skin, burns and rashes and reduce inflammation – perfect if you’ve been on your feet all day!

Headaches: Because it can be a muscle relaxant, peppermint tea helps loosen the “tight band” feeling which comes with some headaches. Cold peppermint tea bags can also be applied to the head to cool and calm.


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