About Us

Modern life has put us out of touch with nature. Before the advance of chemicals, herbs were used foe centuries in every part of life.
herbs to heal, to nourish, to make clothes, to cleanse, to relax, to romance, to celebrate occasions and to remember loved ones.
This precious knowledge is being lost.
Discovering the magic of herbs and what they can do for you is fascinating and could even change your life.
We’ve made it our mission at Cooks Lane Herbs to share this precious knowledge, create natural nourishing products and show you how you can too with done-for-you herb garden printables, growing tips and natural beauty recipes.
Your skin will thank you once you’ve tried the combination of herbs with natural oils and butters. Naturally nourishing (no nasties), beautiful to look at, with evocative scents to lift your mood.

I was always keen on gardening, but it was when my health broke down that I really began to study herbs seriously. My doctor had signed me off work for three months and I had felt awful, tearful and anxiety-ridden, depressed. It was a pretty bleak time.

I noticed that the more time I was spending outside growing and tending to the plants the better I felt. I was fascinated by herbs and what they could do, and began reading and researching plants and essential oils. I made herbs and nature therapy part of my recovery.

My obsession with herbs and natural products began.

Our friends and family would always comment on how much they loved our natural soaps when they visited, so we decided to take some to the farmers markets and craft fairs to see if people would buy them.

Turns out lots of people loved our products.

And not just the way they looked and made their skin feel, or the fabulous scents that filled the room, but people were intrigued by the stories behind the herbs. The centuries worth of healing properties and their many magical uses

So we began sharing the knowledge and offering beauty recipes and remedies too

Today we’ve captured this precious knowledge, applied our unique recipes, and are making Herbs accessible to everyone who wants to help protect and live a more natural life

We called the business Cooks Lane Herbs because it was the lane were walked down where we’d forage for herbs, fruits and wildflowers.

Everything we do is 100% natural.

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