Passport? Check. Sunglasses? Check. About three pairs of shoes stuffed into the suitcase because you can’t decide which ones to take? Er, check.

If you’re heading off abroad on your summer holidays soon, or even just planning a few days away, then don’t forget to add some healing natural herbs to your suitcase or travel bag.

You can create a mini first aid kit or pack a couple of soothing natural herbal creams and oils and you will be all set to face jet lag or sunburn, naturally.

Here’s some Cooks Lane favourites:

LAVENDER OIL It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Add about 10 drops of lavender essential oil to about 30mg of your favourite carrier oil – sweet almond, grapeseed or even olive oil – and pour into a little bottle to pop in your bag. It has famously calming de-stressing properties (perfect after a long flight!) and what’s more, it can be dabbed onto burns and bites to soothe and help promote healing.

PEPPERMINT TEA A thermos of peppermint tea is the answer if you suffer from travel sickness. Taking slow sips of the tea will help calm your tummy because menthol is an anti-spasmodic. This muscle-relaxing property also helps it fight headaches by releasing the tense muscles which can often cause pain. You can even add tea to a bath to soothe skin and reduce inflammation.

ALOE VERA OR CALENDULA CREAM A little tin of salve saves the day from the drying effects of the sunshine on your skin. It’s soothing, mild and gently nourishing. Get our recipe here. Aloe vera is the best skin reliever you can use if you’ve caught the sun – for extra relief, pop it in the fridge or freezer before applying. Make sure that you use a gel which is organic and has a high concentration of aloe vera and contains natural thickeners like seaweed.

EUCALYTPUS OR CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OILS If you’re one of those people that the mozzies seem to love munching on, then it’s a great idea to carry a small spray bottle of water or witch hazel with 20-30 drops of either essential oils in to spray on your skin to deter insects. But PLEASE do not use this as a substitute for malaria pills if you’re going to a country where you could be at risk!

CHAMOMILE TEA BAGS These are genius in your first aid kit. It’s antiseptic, so if you get scrapes a dab of chamomile tea will not only soothe but cleanse the site. Cups of chamomile can help to relax and aid sleep, and if you’re looking to lighten your hair it makes a fab hair rinse!

Bon voyage!

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