Facial spritzes or sprays are a great way to cool down – and you can make your own in less than five minutes. Add some herbs and you can ensure that your face doesn’t get dehydrated.

We have chosen our three favourite recipes which work brilliantly.

Top tip: as there’s no preserver in these recipes, you need to keep them in the fridge. They will only last for a few days – but they are so worth it!

What you’ll need:

A little 30ml pump action bottle, which you can buy in chemists (look in the travel/holiday aisle)


Chamomile and aloe vera Aloe vera juice or gel Chamomile flowers or tea bag

Make a cup of tea using chamomile flowers or a tea bag and mineral water, and let the water cool. Add a 5ml aloe vera juice

Rosy glow
Rosewater Witch hazel

20ml rosewater (either bought, or make your own by covering some rose petals (from your garden, ideally) with water and boiling then cooling and straining). Add 10ml witch hazel for a face-freshening mixture

Calendula flowers

Again, make a cup of tea using mineral water. Let the water cool and strain, so you have 20ml of infused water. Add 10ml of coconut oil and keep in the fridge. It smells divine! You can also use sweet almond or jojoba oil. This is a super-moisturising mix.

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